Dear Corona: A letter from KVHS Seniors

Dear Corona: A letter from KVHS Seniors.

For us there is no do-over. There is no second shot. There is no next
Year. This was the year that we had all been waiting for. It’s supposed to be the year full of milestones, full of good times and full of bittersweet lasts. It was supposed to be parties and senior trips and senior ditch day and senior pranks.

It’s supposed to be working for MVP your senior season. Every year we have watched the seniors enjoy these things eagerly awaiting our turn and finally it’s come, but it’s what none of us expected. For us, everything was ripped away in an instant there was no warning and there was absolutely nothing that we could do. The first semester of senior year is stressful enough with

College applications having their way with our mental stability. Second semester was supposed to be fun, not stressful. It was supposed to contain all the exciting perks of being a senior that we all were really looking forward to.

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